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How Photography is Essential for Corporate Branding

Updated: May 26, 2021

Photography plays an important role in corporate branding, it helps to market a business towards the target audience and also leaves a perception of the business authority and position in society.

In the competitive world of business, companies have come to the realization of how important it is to use a corporate photographer to create brand personality. There are so many other reasons why companies choose to hire professional photographers in Dubai, for their businesses. Some of these reasons include;

Corperate Headshot in Dubai


Professional photographers are experienced and trained

While everyone now carries around a camera and can take photos, we must admit that photography is an art form that requires years of experience to know how to capture perfectly framed, composed, and narrated photographs.

Any company that wants to create a specific impression to its audience will hire a professional corporate photographer in Dubai who knows their job to achieve their end goal.

Lady posing for a corporate headshot


Photography can create authority for any business

Corporate photography that has been well designed and placed in websites and print press can give a company a competitive edge.

Clients tend to form a first impression within seconds of the encounter. Many clients are attracted to work with companies that seem to understand what they are doing from the first impression.

Therefore, good quality photographs, consistency, and a professional photography team in Dubai will help to capture the attention of clients quickly. For this reason, it is important that corporate pictures showcase the authority and know-how of its staff members.


Photography can show the ins and outs of a business

If well-executed, photography can tell a story. These stories help to build a connection between businesses and their clients on a deeper and meaningful level. Many companies use photographs to open up to their clients and potential clients about their day-to-day operations, and the kind of product or services they would be expecting from the company.


Photography helps make your brand more relatable

Human beings have an inherent need to want to connect with other people. In addition, it is estimated that 80% of people are more inclined to interact or buy from a brand that they feel they know the faces behind it. This makes your brand feel more tangible and desirable. Through photography, you can be able to make your brand come to life through images and videos of actual people.

Lady posing for a corporate headshot


Photography presents a line of presentation

Apart from storytelling, headshot photography has been used by many companies, to communicate, sell and market themselves. A good photograph can pitch a business partnership or idea to a potential client. Best photographers in Dubai will ensure that the photos speak to all people who come into contact with a business.

Man posing for a corporate headshot


Photography helps to increase engagement with the brand

Social media has become an integral part of how businesses run. As opposed to text-only content, visual content has been shown to help increase brand engagement online. The corporate photographs also need to be of high quality and on-brand. This will go a long way in helping your brand get noticed on the web.

People’s attention span has diminished rapidly in recent years. It takes a person a few seconds to determine whether or not they are going to stay on your page. With good photography, you are able to capture people’s attention making them stay on your page for a longer time browsing through what you have to offer. This is great in converting visits into sales.

Lady posing for a corporate headshot


Deliberately differentiate a brand from another

Although there could be similarities, no two businesses are the same, corporate photography in Dubai, apart from the logo, can set apart one company from another.

Lady posing for a professional corporate headshot


Create timeless pictures and videos that will represent the brand for years

There are so many advertisements that we saw in previous years (some longer than a decade ago) that are still stuck in our memory. One of the reasons we still remember them is because of how creative the photos or videos were shot in the advertisement. If a company invests in the right photographers and videographers, it can create something that will last for years and become part of history.

A Business man posing for a corporate headshot



A well-done photo can speak for a brand strongly. There are people who are attracted to work with various companies just from the way they have presented themselves. This is because photographs can make a company appear original and trustworthy.

Lady with glasses posing for a professional corporate headshot



Corporate branding through photography is one way to ensure that you show off your brand in the most desirable way. Corporate photography is also a key way of creating brand visibility and a sure way to allow clients to connect with their customers. The ability to build a corporate brand through photography involves being intentional, having consistency while properly showcasing products and services. Properly taken images are easily able to trigger the emotions of customers and willingly enable them to empathize with the business.


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