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Architecture and interior photography is all about capturing the aesthetic details of beautiful structures in a creative and attractive manner. Our extensive knowledge of the interior design industry, coupled with our expertise in professional photography, makes us the partner of choice for interior designers, architects, real estate developers and business owners who are searching for eloquent photographs that celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of their designs. We recognize the importance of visual marketing and the impact it has on your brand's reputation, that’s why we customise our services to satisfy the needs of our clients.


Our award-winning team of photographs are renowned for their artistic vision and meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the photography process, from the placement of props down to the careful retouching of subtle imperfections. The images we capture portray a delicate blend of studio lighting with the available ambient light to give a seamless natural look, our strong use of symmetry and graphical composition also ensures that every photograph has a lasting visual impact. The end result is elegant and sophisticated imagery, with a narrative focus, our pictures not only capture a space, but also tell the story within it.


Singapore Skyline - Architecture and interior photography in Dubai


With decades of experience, our team of interior and architectural photographers have mastered the art of capturing the aesthetic details of a space and its surroundings. The images we capture are known to elicit an emotional response, and have resulted in several awards and publications for our clients, much of our work has been featured in real estate magazines, advertising campaigns, and editorials for well-known brands across Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and the UAE. Here are some of our best interior photography moments.



We try our best to create packages that suit everyone,  simply give us a call to create or customise your very own architecture and interior photography package! 


Since our founding, The Photography Co has been a well-know and trusted partner of many of the regions key public and private organisations. We work closely with government departments and major companies, and pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our clients high expectations. Here you can find a selection of the many client organizations that we work with

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