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Top Family Photographers in Dubai

Family photography is all about love, nostalgia and the small details that mean so much. No household is complete without that one family photograph which forever evokes fond memories and transports us back to a special chapter in our lives. We believe every family portrait tells a beautiful story, one that showcases the legacy, love and affection that is present in every family. Our aim is to portray the very best of your family’s spirit through photographs that are evocative of a moment, a memory, and a place. Whether you want to capture your child’s first steps, your teenager’s birthday, or simply want to celebrate your growing family; our team of family photographers in Dubai will do their very best to capture your profound moments forever.


We’re all about taking a natural and relaxed approach for the family portraits that we take, that’s why we’ll travel anywhere in the UAE to get that perfect picture with a meaningful backdrop. Alternatively, you can come to our specialist photo studio in Dubai – an experience you will never forget! From nostalgic monotone prints to vibrant contemporary family photographs, we will capture the portraits you’ve always desired. Simply put, we are amongst the best family photographers in Dubai and the UAE.

Happy Family Walking in a Field - Family photographers in Dubai


Our award-winning team of family photographers are amongst the most celebrated and accomplished artists in Dubai and the Middle East. They are renowned for their ability to capture family portraits that showcase the love, affection and sincere emotions of every individual within the scene. When booking your family photo shoot, it is worth remembering that outdoor location such as parks, beaches and desserts all make for stunning backdrops. Here are some of our best family photo shoots taken at surreal location across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the wider Emirates.



Here are some of our most popular family photography packages, we offer both studio and location photography shoots. We can also customise any family photography package just for you!



Are you searching for a professional family photography company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Feel free to contact our expert team of family photographers at The Photography Co. Be it on the beaches of Dubai, or the sand dunes in Abu Dhabi, we'll try our best to create a customised package that suits you. Can't find what you're looking for -- don't hesitate, simply give us a call to create or customise your very own family photography package! 

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