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Award-winning couple photographers in Dubai

Every love story is beautiful and unique in its own romantic way, and yours is no exception. We believe a couple photo shoot is perfect for capturing those special moments that you share with your better half; our photographs tell a charming story, one that showcases the happiness, joy and enduring love that binds every couple together. It’s truly magical how a picture can capture and preserve both your feelings and memories, just think about how you feel when you look back at your wedding and engagement photos. Isn’t it amazing how all those intimate feelings of love swiftly come back? We believe every moment in your life is worth capturing, so don’t let these moments pass you by.


Our stunning couple photo shoots are not just limited to wedding clients, they’re also perfect for celebrating an engagement, anniversary, special event or simply just the love of marriage. We also offer special engagement sessions that are great for capturing romantic photographs of yourself with your partner to be. Our famed "Day After" sessions are also fantastic for celebrating your beautiful married life after your wedding. For couples already married, a photography session at our studio in Dubai will surely take you back in time, allowing you to relive the precious memories of getting married once again.

Happy Couple Embracing - Couple Photography Dubai


With decades of experience, our professional photographers have mastered the art of capturing stunning couple portraits that creatively showcase the love, affection and happiness that is characteristic of any flourishing relationship. Whether at the beautiful sandy beaches in Abu Dhabi, our dedicated photo studio in Dubai, or somewhere more intimate like your home; our award-winning photographers will capture those romantic couple portraits that you and your partner desire. Take a look at some of our best couple photography moments below.


White Flower
White Flower

Here are some of our most popular couple photography packages, we offer both studio and outdoor shoots. We can also customise any package just for you!



We try our best to create packages that suit everyone, if however you can't find what you're looking for -- don't hesitate, simply give us a call to create or customise your very own couple photography package! 

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