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Award-winning newborn photographers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

A cheerful and happy baby has got to be the cutest thing in the entire world. With their innocence and fragility, babies never fail to charm our hearts and bring about happiness and joy wherever they go. The first few days and months of a baby’s life are full of precious memories which make for the perfect baby portraits. These priceless days will pass by before you know it, so make sure you capture these moments as they will undoubtedly be your most treasured possessions. In our opinion, every stage in a child’s life should be celebrated and captured, but newborn photography is something truly special.


Our team of professional baby photographers will travel anywhere in Dubai to capture stunning images of your newborn. Through years of experience, our photographers have mastered the art of selecting the perfect tones, textures and lighting that best compliment your newborn's personality and complexion – our attention to detail ensures you get timeless portratis that are completely natural yet eternal in beauty.

Sleeping Newborn Baby with Teddy Bear - Baby photography in Dubai


Whether it’s in the hospital delivery room, your family home or our specialised photography studio, we will do our very best to capture those gorgeous chubby cheeks, sparking eyes, and cute little feet so you always have memories of your baby’s very first moments in this world. Be it a gorgeous baby girl or a charming baby boy, our award-winning baby photographers have captured some beautiful newborn portraits at our studio in Dubai, take a look at some of our favourite baby photo shoots below.


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Take a look at our most popular newborn photo shoot packages. we offer both studio and on location shoots. We can also customise any package to suit your needs!



Can't find what you're looking for? Don't worry, have a chat with one of our team members to create or customise your very own newborn photography package! 

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