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The Photography Co is a world-renowned video production company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that has extensive experience working with government entities, international brands and digital agencies. Over the years our specialised team of videographers have worked with an extensive client base across a diverse spectrum of industries with the primary goal of producing compelling videos that inspire, educate and connect with the audience.


With over a decade of experience in the field of corporate videography, we know exactly what our clients require -- from professional video content to personal branding and digital marketing. Be it a single-camera interview shoot, or a full-fledged multi-camera shoot for a TV commercial, we know exactly how to handle your most demanding video production requirements.


As a premier videography company in Dubai, we offer our ideas and expertise to make your videos a success. Whether you’re looking to promote a new product, or simply capture the highlights of your annual company event, our specially designed videos are great for conveying any message in a captivating manner.    


Our award-winning videographers are amongst the most accomplished and celebrated artists in Dubai. Over the years, they’ve had the opportunity to work on hundreds of TV commercials, high profile events, film productions and corporate videos for iconic brands around the world. Working from our fully equipped media production studio in Dubai or equally on location, we guarantee extraordinary results. Here are some of the videography services that we offer.


Since our founding, The Photography Co has been a well-know and trusted partner of many of the regions key public and private organisations. We work closely with government departments and major companies, and pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our clients high expectations. Here you can find a selection of the many client organizations that we work with

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