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Creative Ideas to awesome maternity Photographs

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Maternity shoots have become very common in these times, they are a great way for a mother and her partner to remember the once in a lifetime experience of the miracle that is pregnancy.

Maternity photography in Dubai has many creative elements for both the photographer and his/her clients. From photography angles, styles, and props many elements can be exploited to achieve unique and memorable pictures.

The best photographers in the UAE aim to bring out elegance and style in their images. For this reason, maternity photographers in Dubai are keen to notice the environment, the time of day, and the props available to make the photo shoot a success.

To achieve great photography, here are some things a maternity photographer would consider:

Preproduction planning

Like any other kind of photography, a photographer must visit the location of the photoshoot ahead of the shoot. In this case, the photographer will be looking to see the best locations for the shoot, the best times for each location to be able to take advantage of natural light, shadows, and reflections. A photographer will also be able to know the equipment he/she needs for the specific shoot. Locations we recommend for maternity photoshoots in Dubai are; The secret beach, Bluewater Island, La Mer, and the Desert.

maternity photography in Dubai


Choosing the right outfits

This plays a major role in the outlook of the image. An expectant woman often experiences swelling on her body. It is therefore important that a photographer advises the client on clothing that will flatter their body without hiding the pregnancy. The color of the outfit should complement the skin of the subject and accentuate their body shape. A client could choose to show some skin, could be the legs, shoulders, neck, or arms. This will divert attention from the swollen parts of the body and complement the baby bump well. Even with all this in mind, authenticity must be maintained in the shoot.

Pregant lady posing for a photograph


Using appropriate props

Props make the photographs colorful. The use of letter blocks spelling out the unborn baby's name, or tiny shoes or a gender reveal cake adds a story to the photographs. These pictures make beautiful portraits for the nursery, it serves as a reminder to the new parents to celebrate the newborn when they finally come.

couple taking maternity photographs


Practicing posing before the shoot

If the shoot involves all members of the family, that is the expectant lady, her partner, and older children, the photographer must advise the client to practice posing for photographs ahead of the shoot. This is to make sure that they feel natural during the photo shoot. If the children are too young to understand, snacks and toys must be available to keep the children entertained and looking forward to taking photographs. Incorporating the children in photos with the baby bump will not only make wonderful photos but great memories for the family.

mother and daugher posing


Focusing on the baby bump

Being a maternity shoot, the baby bump must be the center of interest. A photographer must ensure that even while taking photos with a couple, the bump is not blocked by posing styles or by dull-colored clothes. A photographer must make use of reflection and light to highlight the baby bump.

It is also important that a photographer knows how to pose the expectant mother to achieve great images. Some of the best maternity photography in Dubai, poses include touching the belly, which not only gives shape to the mother but also shows her nurturing nature. Framing the mother using the natural environment like canopies, open doors, and pillars create a focus on the subject of the photo.

maternity photography taken in Dubai


Anticipating to spend a lot of time on the shoot

Even though you may pre-plan for everything, a great photographer will expect to spend extra hours with an expectant lady. Between changing clothes, moving from one shooting location to another, an expectant woman is bound to tire easily and takes brakes in between. A photographer must take account of this in their planning.

couple posing for a photograph during a photoshoot


Post-production editing and photo delivery

Finally, after taking all the photographs, a photographer must invest in producing high resolution, well-edited photographs in the shortest time possible. It is also important to create a good presentation for the client. This could be in the form of an album or one or two framed photos accompanied by the soft copies. This is great customer service; many mothers to be will appreciate it and are likely to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

couple walking down the beach together holding hands



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