Newborn Photography Tips for a Successful Photoshoot

Many parents feel the need to keep the memory of their babies while they are still new to the world, pure and just absolutely beautiful little beings.

Newborn baby posing for a photoshoot in Dubai

Newborn photography sessions in Dubai often entail taking photographs of babies, who are usually within the age range of seven to twenty days. The babies are usually still fragile and must be handled with much attentiveness and care.

In today’s article, let us talk about how newborn photographers in Dubai handle newborn babies, and what we can learn to make these sessions more comfortable for the little ones.

Find a calming environment

If a baby is uncomfortable in any way, they will cry and this will make it more difficult to continue with the newborn photo session in Dubai. To ensure that this does not happen during the shoot, the best photographers in the UAE will prepare a calming photoshoot venue with the right temperature to keep the baby comfortable. Cold or hot temperatures might cause the baby discomfort and uneasiness.

The mother of the baby must be insight to help calm the baby and move the baby without them feeling uneasy. The mother will also need to feed the baby and lull the baby when there is a need. The baby's mood will always determine how the newborn photoshoot in Dubai will go.

Maintaining safety and hygiene

Babies are susceptible to diseases and infection. This is because their immune system is still developing. The best newborn photographers in the UAE will know to keep their environment exceptionally clean. The floors must be vacuumed and washed regularly, props must be sterilized after every photoshoot and hands must be habitually sanitized to maintain high levels of hygiene around the baby.

In the same way, the air conditioner must be used sparingly as children may react to cold or warm temperatures. A Dubai newborn photographer must know the right temperature for the babies especially when they are shooting a naked baby or a baby clothed in fewer clothes.

Noise must also be kept to the minimum as a baby is likely to be irritated and start to cry. To help with calming the baby, great photographers will invest in a white noise machine.

Newborn baby posing for a photo session on a beanbag in our studio in Dubai

Have some basic newborn first aid skills

Dealing with newborns needs a lot of care. Placing a baby at the wrong angle can block their airway or cause a newborn to choke. To avoid these accidents, a newborn photographer must invest in newborn first aid skills. This will ensure that they are aware of the safest baby poses and give the new parents some trust and reassurance while the photographer works with their baby. We tend to always work with a fully qualified nurse who is able to gently mold the baby i