Complete Guide to New Born Photography

Updated: May 15, 2019

From the minute they take their first breath, they hold a piece of your heart in their creamy, soft hands. These chubby little mini-versions of you are going to grow up quite fast. The next time you stop to admire them; they might be running around with chaos trailing behind.

With your new bundle of joy arriving, a newborn photography session is the best gift you can give your baby and your entire family.

Complete Guide to Newborn Photography in Dubai:

If you're planning to capture that innocence and beauty with newborn photography in Dubai, here are some tips that will help:

When to book for newborn photography

Newborn photography is usually scheduled in the first few weeks of your child’s birth. So, if you are planning for a newborn photography session, you should start looking for a photographer during the last month of your pregnancy.

The ideal time to book for newborn photography in Dubai is before the first two weeks. That’s when the baby is most sleepy and probably would be the least fussy. The adorably cute newborn photos that inspired you to book your own sessions are probably taken during those first two weeks.

What to look for

Look at your photographer’s portfolio. Ask him specifically to show you newborn photography. Your photographer might be the best fashion photographer in Dubai, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be great with newborns. Newborns are an entirely different forte, and probably the most challenging one. You can ask your friends for recommendations. If you have any new parents in your social circle, start with them. Look for recommendations in your Facebook mom or dad groups.

Look online for ideas

What kind of newborn photography would you like to have? Search online for newborn photography ideas. Save the pictures that you like. Show them to your photographer to give him an idea of what you are looking for. This will help your photographer understand you, and you can avoid disappointments later on.