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Complete Guide to New Born Photography

Updated: May 15, 2019

From the minute they take their first breath, they hold a piece of your heart in their creamy, soft hands. These chubby little mini-versions of you are going to grow up quite fast. The next time you stop to admire them; they might be running around with chaos trailing behind.

With your new bundle of joy arriving, a newborn photography session is the best gift you can give your baby and your entire family.

Complete Guide to Newborn Photography in Dubai:

If you're planning to capture that innocence and beauty with newborn photography in Dubai, here are some tips that will help:

When to book for newborn photography

Newborn photography is usually scheduled in the first few weeks of your child’s birth. So, if you are planning for a newborn photography session, you should start looking for a photographer during the last month of your pregnancy.

The ideal time to book for newborn photography in Dubai is before the first two weeks. That’s when the baby is most sleepy and probably would be the least fussy. The adorably cute newborn photos that inspired you to book your own sessions are probably taken during those first two weeks.

What to look for

Look at your photographer’s portfolio. Ask him specifically to show you newborn photography. Your photographer might be the best fashion photographer in Dubai, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be great with newborns. Newborns are an entirely different forte, and probably the most challenging one. You can ask your friends for recommendations. If you have any new parents in your social circle, start with them. Look for recommendations in your Facebook mom or dad groups.

Look online for ideas

What kind of newborn photography would you like to have? Search online for newborn photography ideas. Save the pictures that you like. Show them to your photographer to give him an idea of what you are looking for. This will help your photographer understand you, and you can avoid disappointments later on.

Safety First

A good newborn photographer in Dubai will always put the safety of your baby first. If you are blown away by the picture of a baby in a hammock, let me tell you that many of such settings are often Photoshoped.

When trying out any setting or composition, ensure the safety of the baby. Always have someone keep an eye on the baby.

What to Pack for the Session

Keep it simple. When choosing outfits for the sessions, keep the ones that are simple. The beautiful jumper might look very good in reality, but in reel, it could turn into a bunched up mess. Talk to your photographer about outfits and props beforehand. Newborn photographers usually have charming props saved from their previous photo shoots that you can reuse.

Some good props you can take along are headbands, hats, soft blankets, beanbags, and crocheted items. When choosing clothes, go for neutral and pastel shades. Bright colors in newborn photography take away the emphasis from the cuddly bundle.

The dreamy newborn pictures that you might be looking at right now, are anything but. In a newborn photography session, most of the time is spent calming the baby. There’s lots of crying and fussing. The so many diaper changes and accidents lead to even more fussiness. If you have a night whisperer or any white noise device, take that along as well. A night whisperer will help soothe your child during the session.

Choose the warmest room

Babies love warm, snug environments. Keeping them comfortable during the photography session means you will have more time to take that perfect photo. Also, if you are looking for naked baby photos, a warm room is a necessity.

If you are having the session at your home, choose the warmest room. Get a room with the most natural sunlight for beautiful well-lit soft photos that make you go ‘awww’

Prep Your Newborn

Repeat after me, ‘He’s the boss’

You might think differently otherwise, but during a newborn photography session, your baby is the boss. His sleeping and eating schedule will determine everything. Don’t push the baby. Relax and let your baby guide you.

A warm bath helps soothe your baby. Give him a bath just before the session. Feed and change diapers. It will relax him enough to put him to sleep. A sleepy baby is a perfect pose for newborn photography.

Take a Family Photo

Get a few pictures of the baby with the entire family. Your photographer will in fact even encourage you to get in a few of the shots. So, be ready for the session. Book a blow-dry session beforehand. Get the sibling ready also. Again choose simple outfits with neutral colors.

Preserve those beautiful first few weeks with The Photography Co. Book your newborn photography session in Dubai and Abu Dhabi today by our team of award-winning photographers.

Thanks so much for reading this article, I hope we were able to help you with our new born photography tips which we mentioned above. Do let us know what you thought? If you think we may have missed something out. comment below.

Author Profile

Adriana Alfonsi is a Family and Newborn Photographer at The Photography Co in Dubai. Originally from Italy, she's traveled the world to work alongside famous photographers and high profile celebrities. Adriana enjoys writing blogs to share her knowledge of Family Photography.



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