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Four must-have photos your wedding photographer should capture

Your wedding day will go by in a flash, but your wedding photos will be with you for years to come. They’ll be there to recapture all of the magic and uniqueness of your big day, so it’s important to ensure you get everything you want out of them. Unfortunately many a bride and groom have looked back at their photos and missed a particular special shot or – worse yet – not been happy with their pictures at all. In those instances it’s a case of an opportunity lost forever, which we definitely think you shouldn’t have to worry about.

Wedding photography for a bride and groom in Dubai

Below, we list the four must-have photos your wedding photographer should capture. They’re the ones you’ll return to over and over again, the ones that’ll really capture the essence of your big day. Read on to find out more and make sure you send this list to your wedding photographer afterwards.

The confetti shot

If you have guests travelling from afar to see you, you’ll want them all to be in your pictures. You’ll be surprised to find that quite often that big photograph of everyone gets forgotten. It somehow gets lost in the flurry of trying to take all of those individual ‘important’ pictures. Yet there’s something so magical about that sweet picture of everyone throwing petals in the air as they greet their bride and groom. Don’t forget the confetti shot (or just have a photograph of your entire wedding party instead if confetti isn’t your thing). Make sure you hire a photographer who knows just when to press the button on everyone’s smiles. Photographers tend to get booked up quickly, especially now that weddings are in full swing again post COVID. Make sure you hire your perfect photographer early on.

A couple photographer celebrating their wedding in the UAE

The ‘give away’ shot

Whether you’re a traditional bride being given away by your dad, or other family – your mum, grandparents or a brother – are handing you over to your husband-to-be, that moment will be one of the most memorable of the whole day. There’s a real sense of occasion and ‘growing up’, if you will, as your hands change from your father’s to your husband’s. A great photographer will be able to capture not just that moment but also the expression on your faces. You’ll look back in years to come and see all of the emotion and love in that very moment. This is one great photograph to show to any future children as well and one that tends to bring back all of the big emotions of your big day.

Wedding Photography in the UAE

The first photo as husband and wife

This may be a celebratory shot holding hands with your bouquet held high and big smiles on your faces, or it may be a first shy kiss as husband and wife. A great photographer will be able to capture all of the romance and magic of that moment when you step into your lives as a married couple. It’s at once a private moment and a special symbol of your love shared with all your nearest and dearest. Make sure you give some thought to how you wish to celebrate it and how you’d like your photographer to capture you. On that note: a great way to ensure your style is captured perfectly is finding a photographer who also offers pre-wedding shoots. That way you can choose ahead of time whether you’d prefer a sophisticated or romantic, natural vibe for your photos.

Dubai wedding photoshoot of a happily married couple

The first look as a bride

Not everyone wants to be photographed getting ready on their big day, so if this isn’t you don’t worry. However, it’s worth taking a few minutes once you’re fully dressed to just breathe and see yourself fully in a big mirror. The day will fly by and you’ll get all sorts of compliments, but there won’t be very much time to actually look at yourself in your dress. Capturing this moment can be a truly special way of commemorating your path from bride to wife. This particular shot is a great one to include in your list for your photographer. It can also be a fantastic precursor to some final shots with your bridesmaids or your mom.

The first look of a bride who is ready to get married, bridal wedding photography in Dubai

In conclusion, your wedding photos are an incredibly important and special aspect of your big day. They are the tangible memories that you will cherish for years to come. As you plan your wedding photography, remember to discuss with your photographer the must-have photos you want captured. The confetti shot, the give away shot, the first photo as husband and wife, and the first look as a bride are all essential moments that you'll want to remember forever. A great photographer will not only capture these moments beautifully but will also help you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. So take the time to find the perfect photographer for you and trust them to capture your unique love story in all its beauty.


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