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One-Stop Destination For All Your Photography Needs In UAE

Canon Store Dubai Hills Mall
Canon Store Dubai Hills Mall

If you're looking for a camera that captures high-quality images, there is none better than a professional camera. Apart from capturing superior quality images, there are quite a few other advantages of using a professional camera. It provides a wide range of lenses, offers a better focus on the subject, the battery lasts for a longer period, provides a variety of accessories, and has many other features to offer.

Professional cameras are a boon in today's digital world. Today, social media platforms have become the medium to showcase photography skills. Using professional cameras you can post your captured photos in seconds on social media. Some professional cameras have a WiFi option on them which allows wireless transfer of photos to a smartphone in a jiffy. This way from the smartphone quality photos can be shared instantly on social media platforms.

Today, a variety of professional cameras are available in a camera shop catering to the needs of different photographers. Compact Digital Cameras, Digital SLR Cameras, and Mirrorless Cameras are a few popular ones that are considered ideal for photography. Here’s a brief introduction to each one of them.

Compact Digital Cameras

These types of cameras are small, light, and user-friendly. The compact digital cameras automatically set all the settings to capture a beautiful image. All you need to do is to point at the subject and click on the shutter button. They are known for taking high-resolution snapshots.

Digital SLR Cameras

When it comes to taking spectacular and high-quality photos nothing beats a Digital SLR camera. Its wide range of lenses and advanced sensors are a few features that help in capturing spectacular photos. Many professional photographers around the world use a digital SLR camera for professional commitments. It works well for any type of photography, be it for an event, sports, or marriage. Among Digital SLR cameras, the Canon brand is the most popular one.

Mirrorless Cameras

These cameras have recently been added to the collection of professional cameras. They are light, smaller, and have easy-to-follow controls. Just like Digital SLR cameras, mirrorless cameras also capture spectacular high-resolution images. Not only this, but they are also great for recording Ultra HD videos which mostly high-end Digital SLR cameras can produce. Apart from this, mirrorless cameras have the capability of shooting more photos at a faster shutter speed.

Among the above, the best types of cameras for photography are undoubtedly Digital SLR and Mirrorless cameras. Their high megapixel count, a wide range of lenses, adjustable settings, and high-speed processors to name a few make them great for high-quality photography.

When it comes to camera brands, the Canon brand has one among the best quality digital SLR and mirrorless cameras. Many professionals say owning a Canon DSLR camera is a great investment in photography. Having one of these takes photography skills to the next level.

In addition to owning the camera, there is also a need for having the right accessories for the camera. Here is a list of a few must-have accessories for Canon DSLR and Mirrorless cameras:

  •  Tripod:

This is one of the most essential equipment gear for cameras. The tripod helps in taking stable indoor/outdoor shots.

  •  External Flash:

Carrying an external flash has become a common thing when clicking photos indoors/outdoors, especially in the dark. The external flash projects bright light on the subject making it easier for photographers to take a photo. In the dark, the external flash comes in handy giving photographers the appropriate light to capture an image.

  •  Camera Bag:

Another essential accessory for cameras is a camera bag. They come in handy when shooting outdoors. Having these bags protect the camera from dust and rain.

  •  Storage Devices:

Images taken from these cameras are high-quality ones and require large space for storage.Cheap storage spaces don’t do justice so having high storage space is essential. Good SD cards come in handy for such photos.

  •  Lens Hood:

This piece of equipment helps in protecting the lens of the camera by keeping away the unwanted light falling across the lens. Lens Hood comes in handy when taking pictures outdoors.

Today, shopping is done using e-stores. Even cameras are purchased online but purchasing cameras online doesn't allow you to do things that you can do in a physical store. In a physical store, you can test the product, get a detailed explanation about the camera from an expert, clarify doubts and test different accessories that go with the camera.

If you’re looking for Canon cameras or have one and want to buy accessories, Canon - National Store LLC (a Canon authorized store & distributor in UAE) is the place to find them. This Canon UAE store offers Canon products including DSLR cameras, lenses, photo printers, and other camera accessories. Canon - National store LLC also sells the products of other brands. It sells products like Western Digital/ Sandisk storage devices, Moser Personal care products, Crownline Home & Kitchen appliances, Philips projectors, D-link routers and more.

Canon - National Store LLC Branches locations across UAE:

Al Wahda Mall (Abu Dhabi) , Dubai Hills Mall (Dubai) , Al Ain Mall, Al Naeem Mall (RAK) ,

Al Ghazal Mall (Dubai), Dubai Mall, City Centre Mirdif (Dubai)


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