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Top Tips on Corperate Photography

Corporate photography is essential for any organisation that needs to be correctly perceived in the digital space. For many businesses, showcasing staffers’ faces, products, and services of an organisation on websites and social media pages is a good way to remain relatable with potential clients while giving them a chance to get to know the business on more personal level and decide if they would like to work with them.

The best corporate photographers in Dubai often cover speeches, networking events, and panel discussions. All these pictures are usually placed on various websites to entice new leads and maintain old ones. It is also very common to see headshots of leaders and owners of various companies on the websites. This is a great way to introduce the management panel to people. The best photographers in the UAE have mastered the art of taking such photos with preciseness, accuracy and attentiveness. They have incorporated modern ways of photography and older more classical ways such as the Hollywood effect to achieve success and uniqueness in taking corporate photographs.

Here are some tips and tricks that are used by leading corporate photographers to achieve outstanding photographs.

Choosing the right background

The photographer must discuss with the client the kind of photographs they would be expecting, as well as whether they prefer a location photoshoot or a studio photoshoot, this will allow for the right environment which represents the interest of the client. A professional photographer will have with him appropriate backdrops such as green screen if required, black, white, navy and grey to help him/her achieve the desired image.

Corporate Headshot of a man in a suit in Dubai


Choosing and setting up the lighting

Different factors determine the best light for different photographs. If the photos are taken in the outdoors during the day, the lights used and the set up will be different from photos taken in the outdoors during the evenings hours. A corporate subject must be highlighted appropriately to achieve the desired look. We at The Photography Co, are amongst the few photographers who understand how important is it to have the right light set up to achieve the best possible image and even the classic Hollywood headshot, which is quite a popular option at The Photography Co. Most of our corporate photoshoots in Dubai, are taken for, professional athletes, actors, musicians and CEO's who often use these images as album covers, magazine and newspaper front covers or portraits. The secret to the Hollywood effect is to use proper lighting and reflections to create contrast, shadows, and highlights to an image while adding the right amount of gradient.

While taking such headshots in Dubai, light must be focused in the right direction and angles. There must be seamless backdrops, often in White or Grey. The subject is placed not so close to the backdrop so that the photographer can create interest by highlighting the best features on the subject. Loop shadows and contrast play a major role in achieving these kinds of stunning photographs.

Headshot of a pilot in Dubai


Have the right equipment

To separate the subject from the background, background lights are necessary. Reflectors also help in bouncing light in the desired direction while the soft box and grid ensure that light does not reflect on the surrounding walls and ceilings. The flag and rim light help to narrow down light especially when it comes to controlling the amount of reflection on bright coloured clothes and hair.

Headshot Photography of a CEO in Dubai


Consider a schedule for smooth working

It will require a photographer to come in early enough to set up and understand his environment before a corporate shoot begins. Bringing a hand cart to move equipment from one department to another will only make a photographer’s work less tedious. A photographer must also bring a mirror and a cloth wrack. This will minimise movement during the shoot as he/she would have provided a space for their clients to place their coats and clothes and to straighten their hair or adjust their clothes if they need to without moving in and out of the room. It is also necessary to bring corporate coloured ties to lend to the subject who often show up for shoots without any.

Photography Headshot of a man in a suit in Dubai


Advise the subject appropriately

Communicate with your clients beforehand to ensure everyone knows their time slot for their photos to be taken. Allocate a time for each person with an extra five minutes to change set ups and prepare for the next person. Also, advise the clients to bring a change of clothes to ensure that they have an extra one just in case the one they have does not favor the shoot.

Corperate Headshot of a women in Dubai


In conclusion, there are many elements involved in great corporate photography. Apart from taking great photographs, photographers must also take their time to do great high end retouching on the photos bearing in mind the contrasts, shadows, and colours of the photographs.



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Jul 08, 2022

Thanks for useful information about corporate photography


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Jure Ursic
Sep 28, 2021

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