What to Look for When Hiring a Family Photographer

Updated: May 14, 2020

Advice to help you narrow down which family photographer is a good fit for you!

Family is a precious gift, and capturing those wonderful milestone moments in your life can help you to relive happy memories for years to come. Photographers and family photography can be a bit like Cinderella; the shoe doesn’t always fit. There are countless photographers to choose from, especially in large cities like Dubai, but we know just how much your family means to you, and how important it is to capture the spirit of each family member.


Experience is a particularly helpful tool when searching for a top photographer, especially when considering studio family photography, or an outdoor photoshoot. You want someone who can work with either static poses, or capture natural, joyful, outdoor movement.

mother and father with their baby during a family photoshoot in our Dubai studio

Stylistic Similarities

Instagram and other social platforms offer you the chance to see countless styles of photography, and the way many other families have captured their smiles and growth through the years. When looking to choose a photographer for family portraits, look through their current work, and select a few pieces which resonate with you. Sharing these with the photographer can provide keen insight into what you’d like to see hanging on your wall in years to come.

Two bothers cuddling during an outdoor photoshoot in Dubai

A Fresh Perspective

There are countless photoshoots in tired locations; when you see a photo offering a fresh take on an old favorite, take note. There are so many photographers and artists who are looking to try new things and need families to be open to experimentation. A new perspective and a desire for creative collaboration can bring your family photos to the next level.

Two sisters posing during a outdoor family photoshoot in Dubai


The quality of the photographs on their website will tell you a lot about the photographer and their team. When reviewing potential videographers and photographers in Dubai, do take time to look closely at their photographs and notice the fine details. A high-quality professional photographer will care about all this. Even with no knowledge of photography yourself, you will probably be able to distinguish the difference between a highly-skilled professional photographer and someone who is just starting out when their work is compared.