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Tips to Hire Top Event Photographers in Dubai

Updated: May 30, 2019

Searching for event photographers in Dubai can be a challenging task. With events organized in Dubai on such grand scales, it's equally important to bring you’re A game to your event .

Event photography reflects on the success of your event. In today's era of social media, great pictures don’t just make your event look successful, they make your brand look successful. That’s why you need the very best event photographers in Dubai to create the right narrative for your brand.

Whether you are looking for a corporate event, a company retreat or an informal cocktail party, these tips will help you hire a top event photographer in Dubai


Decide on a budget for your event photography

When it comes to event photographers, you will find a wide range in terms of price. There are the premium priced photographers, the affordable ones and the ones in between. Discuss the budget with the event organization team. While some choose price over quality, others are interested in presrving the best images of their event.

You might need to negotiate the budget with your team. Tell them how these pictures will determine the success and hype of your upcoming events later on, remeber that your event will likely be posted across social media and will portray an image of your company.

With the budget in mind, you will be able to narrow down your choices from the start.


Where to search for event photographers

There are many places you can go looking for an event photographer in Dubai. Start your search online. Look at websites and social media pages for event photographers. Do check their online portfolios. You will know what kind of photographs to expect.

Another good idea is to check reviews and recommendations online. This will give you a good idea of your photographer's work ethic.

Another great place to look for an event photographer is your corporate circle. Chances are very high that someone in your circle is already in contact with a good event photographer. Get in contact with people who have organized events in the recent past.


Review Portfolios

Never hire an event photographer in Dubai without looking at their portfolio. Ask specifically for events they have covered. When reviewing their portfolio, look at how they cover the event. Make sure they cover all aspects of the event: the attendees, the venue, the major highlights plus some candid pictures.

Another thing to look for is if they have covered events in your particular industry.


Look for Licensed Event Photographers

Even though every business, including sole entrepreneurs, are required to get a license before they operate in Dubai, there are many freelancers who are working without a license.

Before hiring any event photographer in Dubai, ask them to show their license. You don’t want your photographer to be deported out of the country before the event because he was operating illegally. Or worse, you don’t want to end up dealing with legal issues later on


Initial Meeting

Once you have narrowed down your choice to the top 3-5 event photographers in Dubai, schedule a meeting with these photographers. In your initial meeting, discuss strategy. Ask how the photographer plans on covering the event. This will give you an idea of what to expect from your photographer.

Also, get a feel of the photographer. Choose someone who you feel comfortable working with; remember that you will be communicating your expectations constantly with the photographer you select. Look for someone with good social skills since your photographer will need to interact with the attendees at your event.

For formal events, you probably want someone with a professional look.


Decide on a Delivery Date

Many event photographers disappear straight after covering an event, you then have to chase them endlessly to get the final photos. To avoid this, set a final delivery date and include it in your contract agreement.

You should expect delivery within 15-30 days of the event. This gives them ample time for selection and retouching of the final photos. Also, decide upon the mode of delivery - do you prefee digital versions of the pictures, or printed ones? It's usually a good idea to ask for a few printed ones, and the rest in digital format.


Sign a Contract with your event photographer

Once you have discussed and agreed on all the above aspects, the next step is to sign a photography contract to avoid disagreements later on. If you have a company lawyer, ask him to draft the contract, or you can do it yourself. List down all your expectations on paper. Cover everything we have discussed above. Get your photographer to sign the contract before the main event.


Discuss the Event

Talk about your expectations for the events. Give them a brief on the event. If you have a brochure or a flyer of the event, share it with the photographer. Show them the main hosts and guests of the event. This will help your photographer photograph the right people, instead of those unnamed unknown people who you probably don't even know.

Discuss the hours he will be expected to stay at the event. You might want to ask your photographer to come one hour before the event to take a few candid, pre-event shots. It's also important to discuss attire, for instance it may be a good idea for the photographer to dress formally in order to blend in with the other guests.

Discuss what kind of pictures will be required. What pictures do you want your photographer to cover? A good event photographer will have his own ideas of the settings and composition. Discuss these together to come up with ideas that cover the main milestones of the event.

Looking for an event photographer in Dubai for your corporate event? Check out The Photography Co's portfolio of top event photographers. We would be happy to discuss your event photography needs to help you cover your special event.

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1 Comment

Jawad Ahmad
Jawad Ahmad
Jul 01, 2019

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