Secrets to great wedding photography

A wedding is usually a once in a lifetime event, for this reason, such memorable moments must be captured for commemoration and remembrance.

Each person wants to remember how they felt during their big day; they want to remember the people who were there to celebrate such moments with them and the different activities that occurred during their special day. For this reason, every bride and groom must invest in great photography.

Here in Dubai, event photography is given at most seriousness. A great event photographer in Dubai, must understand the little secrets that will make him/her stand out from the rest. He must put himself in the shoes of their subject and understand what would be important for them to remember after the celebrations.

From some of the best photographers in the UAE, here are secrets that every wedding photographer must have:

Location scouting

Before the wedding ceremony begins, a great wedding photographer must visit the venue and ensure that they have scouted the place. A photographer must identify beforehand the best places to take photos, the best natural lighting, and the best angles. Things can sometimes move fast during a ceremony, a photographer must be able to grab moments as they move. Scouting the location will enable him to know the right time to capture the bridal party because he would know how to move with the mood and style of the location.

Bride on her wedding day

Discuss with the bride and groom before the ceremony

To be able to understand what is important for the bride and groom and what they desire for their big day, the best photographers will have a meeting with the bride and groom before the day of the ceremony. Not only will this help the photographer to understand what is expected of him, but it will also help the bride and groom to relax when shots of them are being taken.

bride and groom on their wedding day in Dubai

Have a shot list

It is very easy to forget every shot you planned to take during the wedding. This is because often, everyone is always calling out to the photographer to get private shots with friends and relatives. To make sure that you do not forget the important shots, a great wedding photographer in Dubai, will have a list of shots that he must take during a wedding ceremony.

Sometimes a photographer would even go the extra mile of keeping some inspiration shots in their camera memory so that they can look at them even as they take photographs of the bride and groom.

Bride on her wedding day in Dubai with flowers

Have props